Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fix You

Somewhere along the way this past year or so, someone said something about God that really spoke to me.  It seemed to click with a peaceful acceptance.  I have always believed that things happen for a reason.  But then someone took it a step further.  They said that God presents us with challenges for one of three reasons.  He is trying to help you to grow.  He is using you to help someone else to grow.  Or, He is moving you out of harm's way.

I like that.

So when I am feeling like I am in an emotional place of betweens, I find it helpful to listen to Coldplay's Fix You.  It is just the right balance of releasing sadness and turning towards hope.  It allows me to grieve and honor what was lost--a dream, something that showed promise or a change in direction.  Sometimes it is a person, a place or a plan.  But by listening to the music, it helps me to let go.  That is not easy for me.  I want to hold on tight.  I want to hold it all and stay in that moment.  But, that is life.  Life is change.

This is also a song I play for myself when I feel close to being afraid--just near that space before the tipping point, the anticipation of change and that somehow life will soon be significantly different.  Again, it is change and sometimes laced with fear.  But then I will listen to the song and it helps to bring me past all of those mixed up feelings.  And as the tempo rises and the music becomes more bold, I feel as though I can get through it, get beyond it and there is hope.  Sometimes I can imagine myself running in the brisk, cool air while building my speed to a sprint at the end of a great run.  It is a sense of soaring wrapped in determination and confidence.

The theme of returning home reminds me of a safe place, a place of roots and grounding where I am always loved.  It reminds me of my family and their unconditional love, supportive friends embracing joy and giving it up to God.  Letting Him fix you.