Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn Musings

A few things hit me on my walk back to my car after class tonight:
  • The crisp, clear, beautiful fall night could not feel more refreshing. I feel like tonight is just the beginning of ushering in impending burst of all of the colors, tastes, smells and feelings of fall. And I am ready to take in them all.
  • I feel so happy to be in my new apartment. I might not have everything settled in and exactly in its place, but there is a lot that has been done and it is all manageable. I still have a few things in my old place, but I feel confident in getting it done. I don't feel a burdensome pressure about this move. Things will happen as they need to happen as I eventually close out the other place.
  • Tonight is another one of those nights where I feel really good about my life right now. I would have never imagined it to be this way right now, but there is so much good right now to seize and enjoy. I feel like my life is full--full of people who appreciate me for me, full of wonderful experiences and full of opportunities to seize today. I feel like I am really awake and living a more fulfilling life that is so much more rich and satisfying.
Just had to get these thoughts down so that I can remember them and hold onto them as I keep moving forward. And where does this forward movement go? I don't know. But I also know that I don't worry about that so much anymore. I'm just enjoying the journey along the way, where ever it takes me.

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  1. I'm glad things are going so well right now. Fall is such a beautiful time of year!