Friday, November 12, 2010

Bad, Bad Blogger...For Good Reason!

I have had every intention of writing other blogs, but I have been a busy lady.
  1. I am in the middle of the semester with papers and projects piling up all around me. As a matter of fact, I am in the library typing this blog right now.
  2. I went to San Diego for a conference for the Association for the Education of Children with Medical Needs (AECMN). It was an excellent conference and I met a lot of great people in the educational field in a children's hospital setting. And I got to visit with some of my family who live in San Diego! I really need to post about this trip and add in the more to come on that one.
  3. I am still moving/settling into my new apartment. I know, that was a month ago. I move at turtle speed. My goal is to have my pictures hung up by Thanksgiving and then I will feel more officially settled.
  4. I have been making a better effort to get back into running. Got to sign up for the Turkey Trot!
  5. I've been on Cloud Nine with you know who...New Guy! And it is great to feel that he is right up there with me, too. (I really should come up with another name for him in my blog...Hmmm?)

Yep, I've regressed to toddler mode and it has been about me, me, and me in this short, little post. :P

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  1. Sounds like you have been busy, but with all wonderful things! School sounds very busy but you are doing awesome. Glad your trip to San Diego went well and that you got to visit family while you were there! How awesome that you are getting back into running. I would love to do that whenever I get the opportunity. It's hard this time of year when it's SO cold out! And yes, you need a new name for "new guy". Sounds like he is becoming a huge part of your life and he's not so "new" anymore :)