Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Interviews Are Done

I have to keep reminding myself to take a few deep breaths. I just finished last interview for a Child Life internship on Friday (Although, one last program could still call, but I'm doubtful at this point.). Now is the waiting game to see who makes an offer. It is down to four programs and if I thought the interviews were stressful, the waiting is worse.

I think this has been worsened by my last interview. My last interview was very intimidating with seven people sitting at a table and asking me questions. I feel that I answered their questions well and seemed to get a lot of smiles and head nods. But then as the interview was wrapping up they said that they would be making their decision on Monday and calling me. I feel like that can be interpreted in one of two ways. One, they already know the two candidates they want and I am not one of them. Or two, they know one and were waiting for my interview (the last one) to see if I was what they were really hoping to see.

I could throw up. I am afraid to pick up my phone tomorrow.

Then I should be hearing back from one of the other programs early this week. And the other two programs said they would get in touch with me around the 22nd of February. But if any other program called to make an offer, to let them know right away.

So far I have handled some of the rejection letters and emails well. I applied to 12 programs and can't expect all of them to be making offers. But now that all of the interviews are done and it is out of my control, it is really scary. It is down to four and I am trying to remain positive, but trying not to set myself up for disappointment.

To add to this stress is that I have a high likilyhood of being away from Pittsburgh for about three months or so. This both excites me and worries me, and I have been trying very hard to push those feelings aside until the reality unfolds itself. I know RJ really wants me to stay in town, but he has also expressed that he will support me in whatever happens. The good thing in all of this is that he works from home and that maybe if I end up out of town, he will be able to have more flexibility to come and visit me. But the bottom line is that I have to make my decision as to what will be best for me and my career.

Please send me some good vibes or prayers or any positive energy my way!


  1. What did you hear back Jamie?? I'm dying to know! I can totally see why you would be super nervous through this entire thing. You have a lot of things hanging in limbo right now, but I am thinking about you and praying that the right thing comes along and that ultimately you end up happy and in the right place! Big hugs and lots of love your way!

  2. Well, I've gotten an offer from Columbus and Pittsburgh said they would get back to me on Friday. I'm very happy about the offer from Columbus because I feel it would be a great fit and they were very enthusiastic about what I had shared during the interview. I really like Pittsburgh, but I am wondering what would give me the best shot at a job when I am done--including improving my chances of getting one in Pittsburgh. I think that it would be a great opportuniyt to have an experience at a different hospital and another city. I think it would let me see what it would be like to be somewhere new and on my own. It would also let me know more about how I feel about Pittsburgh. I could better tell if I really want to pursue a job here because I really like the city or if I am just doing it because it seems safe and comfortable. Yes, RJ is here. But I also have a really solid friend base here, too.

    One day at a time. Pittsburgh might not even make the offer and my decision could be made. But I have one person I am going to try to see tomorrow to get a little more information. Then I think I will know, even before really knowing a definitive answer from Pittsburgh.

    Thanks for asking!

  3. I think having a solid friend base somewhere is invaluable and something not to be taken lightly. Looking forward to hearing what you hear back regarding Pittsburgh tomorrow. Knowing what they are going to do may make your decision easier (or harder, depending). Good luck to you! It sounds like you are doing a great job exploring all your options and trying to figure out what the best choice would be. As you said, your decision may already be made for you and really, it sounds like if that happens you have some enthusiastic people waiting for you to join them.

  4. Hi Jamie, been thinking about you too! I'm so excited for all your interviews and your recent offer. I know it would be good to be able to stay in Pitt (for more than one reason), so I hope it turns out that you get that offer as well. You'll make the right decision, but it's true that you should make the decision that would ultimately help your career, b/c let's face it that's why you're going back to school. Hugs my friend, I'm very happy for you.

  5. So what did Pitt say? I read your post when you made it, but didn't get a chance to comment until today. I am hoping for the best for you, and I know that you will end up in the right place for you too.