Monday, November 19, 2012

Clues of Moving On

To help me validate the closure and end space between me and my most recent significant past relationship:
  • Find myself sleeping in the middle of my bed.
  • Feeling less angry and frustrated with it ending.  Moving towards acceptance.
  • Having no interest in lurking on his fb page.
  • Fewer instances of seeing things that remind me of him.  (Moving certainly helped.  But surprisingly, initially there was more around than I thought that reminded me of him.)
  • Wanting to purge and clean out my closet.  I kind of started that before the move, but still find myself doing that a bit more.  It's kind of like shedding an old skin or old self.
  • Reflecting on what I learned from the relationship.  Appreciating what was good about it and what I can apply going forward.
  • Find myself shopping and eyeing up cute dresses and tops with thoughts of, "That would be cute for a date."  I'm kind of in a reinventing phase.
  • Going on dates.  :)
  • Adding more music to my current collection.  Always looking for good music, but it tends to increase when I'm looking for some good pick me ups to get pumped about the next adventure.
  • Looking to do something new with my hair.  I trimmed my bangs a little different and I have been trying to grow it out a little more.  I'm thinking the new bangs go better with the length that I would like to grow it.
  • Noticing men and picking up more on the vibe when there might be a little something there worth investigating.
  • Going on a date and not comparing him to what I had with RJ.
  • Feeling more free and excited to explore my new home and people around me.
  • Being fully in the moment with a man and noticing and enjoying what is special about him.
  • Seeking connection, engagement and satisfaction in my work, play and daily activities.
  • Allowing myself to dream, considering new possibilities and itching to travel.
  • Generally feeling happier and at peace within myself.
Yay, me!  Stay positive, build confidence and feel the strength within myself.  Let my true self shine and see what comes my way.


  1. That's so awesome, Jamie! That's a LONG list of realizations in such a relatively short period of time. Although I don't like having you so far away, I think it was exactly the break you needed. The necessary physical move is aiding the emotional move. Can't wait to hear all about your new adventures!

  2. Thanks, Diane! Orlando was the best decision. As sad as I was to leave Pittsburgh with such an amazingly supportive group of friends, this is a good change and so far it feels just right. It takes time to rebuild a new network, but it is coming along slowly. I feel more open and free to welcoming what is next. Miss you!