Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back to School

Labor Day has come and gone.  The last of the flurry of pictures and posts of the first day of school pics has just about wrapped up from the last few weeks.  Lots of proud Moms and Dads.  I am happy for my friends and family.  But, I am tired of feeling sad.  It's not just the baby pictures.  But even more as of late, seeing my friends and family send their children off to school makes me feel like my dream of a child is shrinking and so far away.

The twins would have been in Kindergarten.

Microblog Mondays


  1. Hi Jamie. I am visiting for Microblog Monday and just spent a good while reading up on your journey. I have to say that I truly believe you will have a blessed life moving forward with T. I am so glad that after everything, you have a happy life and hope for a family. I really wish you the best in the upcoming year. I know seeing all the school photos can be hard ( I think of what my babies would be doing at this point if they have lived) and even though I have a sweet child to hold, I always think of what could have been. It's in our nature I think to wonder and wish.

    Alissa S.

  2. Sending a hug. This time of year is hard: as hard as Christmas or birthdays or Mother's Day. People don't think about how all those images affect others, especially as they're scrolling past photo after photo in their stream. Not that they shouldn't post, but I know that it's hard to see the onslaught of images.

  3. Hugs. It gets easier - but what-would-have-been-milestone years are never easy.

  4. Thank you, Alissa, for popping over from Mel's Microblog Mondays. I appreciate your comments and thoughts and for taking the time to read up on past entries, too. The photos are bitter sweet and part of life. I'm glad I have a place to vent my feelings and for others to be able to express understanding. I'm sorry to hear of your losses.

    Thanks, Mel, for visiting my blog and sharing a hug. You are correct some days can be a challenge at times and that people are expressing their happiness. I'd rather see posts of people celebrating their children than complaining about them.

    Thank you, Mali. Glad to hear it gets easier and it has. Just trying to honor the feelings and then let them go. Again, thankful for this space to serve as a release.

  5. I'm abiding with you, Jamie. It's a tough reminder, isn't it?


  6. Thank you, Lori, for visiting my blog. Thank you for your understanding. I read one of your posts and it spoke to me.