Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Organization Is My Middle Name

I've been very busy lately.  Planning our wedding has been at the top of my list.  A few people have asked if I've gotten a wedding planner.  No, I'm a teacher.  I've got this covered.  Some are surprised by how much we already have done, especially planning the wedding from Florida for it to be in Ohio.  More importantly is that I'm enjoying it.  T~ has been very supportive and helpful, too.

Things crossed off my list:
  • Venue of ceremony & reception
  • Officiant
  • Wedding party
  • Photographer
  • DJ
  • My dress
  • My shoes
Things nearly crossed off my list:
  • Save the dates (Thank you T~ for taking charge of this one!  He has nice printing, and it lets me focus on other things.)
  • Flowers
  • Hotel blocks
  • Dinner food selection
  • Cake
Current challenges:
  • Groom's tuxedo (Just starting to look.)
  • Bridesmaid dresses (Plans to shop in April.)
  • Wedding hair place or person (No idea!!!  Help if you can!)


  1. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Looks like you're doing great in getting things crossed off and done!

  2. Ha! Just like you said, teachers are super organized and efficient... fabulous list(s). You have accomplished a lot! Who needs a wedding planner when you have your lists? I hope you get good wedding hair recommendations, I had a great one but I don't think you want to come to Rochester NY to have it done. Har har. Congrats on getting everything ready and inching towards your happy day!

    1. Thanks!! Love lists. Even more, I love crossing things off from them. It just feels good and gets me excited.

  3. I'm impressed. And feel guilty because I gave all the planning to other people to do :-)

    1. Thank you! However, knowing when and how to delegate is also an important skill. :) It's about getting the job done, and hopefully with efficiency and ease. Play to your strengths. :)