Sunday, March 5, 2017

As of Late

Some brief updates since my last post:

  • Been focusing on my health to get my body in better shape, both for myself and when we want to be more actively trying for a child.  Being better about taking my vitamins and getting enough regular sleep.
  • Had gotten back into building a more regular workout schedule with running and some biking.  I was making good use of my planner to map out my workout time for the week and recording it once it was complete.  My hope was to train for another half-marathon in the spring.
  • However, much of the progress I made on my health goals came to a grinding halt when I got sick.  I was really sick!  I got a nasty upper respiratory virus that later turned into an ear infection.  It all lasted seven days (plus two trips to the doctor) until I actually started to feel a bit more normal.  I did a lot of nothing but rest and take in fluids.  On the eighth day I was well enough to return to work.  Tal commented that I was actually much more myself and I don't think it was until then that he fully realized how sick I was.  Fortunately, I only had to miss two days of actual work because of my rotating schedule.  Unfortunately, I was sick during my long weekend off and two other days off and had to work four straight when going back to work.
  • Had a bit to catch up on at work the following week.  While it was just two days of actual work missed, I had a lot planned for those two days, plus emails and it being busy season at the hospital (peak of flu season).  So, I didn't really get back to exercise because I was letting myself get plenty of sleep while I was still recovering from being sick.
  • Working on the house.  During late fall/ early winter, we painted the dining room and living room.  Took a break during the holidays.  After rebuilding some of the savings, we recently bought some new furniture and lamps.  I think it has been hard for me to really jump into more actively trying to have a child because I want to feel more settled in the house.  We hope to paint the kitchen in a few weeks.  And we are just about done unpacking the last bits from the move.  Our house is feeling more like a home.
  • Enjoying time as a couple.  It is important for us to connect.  While having a child at our age is not preferred and time is ticking, I don't want to rush things to just check a box.  We need time for us and our relationship is a priority.  Without a solid relationship, it would be very challenging to raise a family.  So, we enjoyed restaurant week, went to a concert and talked about future plans.
So, moving forward, I plan on getting back to the gym, we've picked some dates for finishing up the painting and hopefully we can schedule delivery of our new furniture soon.  By spring we should feel much more settled in our house.  May have to pick a different race and scale back to a 10K, but it will feel good to reach a more attainable goal.  And we have to focus on our timeline for when we feel ready to take the next steps.  Time will tell if we may need to readjust our family building plan, but I'd rather take the time we need to build a solid foundation than to rush something that needs that foundation.


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better, that sounds awful! A friend of mine had some awful thing earlier this year where she had an ear infection and just the worst pain. Strange how your ears can turn on you. I'm glad you didn't miss too much work but sad you missed out on a long weekend. :( Taking care of exercise is a good priority, one that I could do better with (or maybe it's that daily walks don't have the same impact they used to on my metabolism?). I think it's okay to give yourself a pass for recuperating. I liked what you said about building that strong foundation. If there's anything I've learned from my own experiences, it's that a strong foundation can carry you through anything, and you can plan all you want but the unexpected has a way of weaseling its way into your plans, for better or worse... Best to you as you heal and make your house a home and prepare for whatever is next!

    1. Thank you for your healing thoughts. It has taken a bit of time to get back to really feeling myself and having my energy back. And I think since giving myself permission to enjoy the house projects and shopping, it has helped me find peace once again and enjoy life as it is. It is easier to be grateful for what you have when you are more in the present, too.