Saturday, December 3, 2011

Before Mom's Surgery

I am trying to keep a positive and hopeful mindset before Mom's surgery. But I am also very scared, too. I am afraid that something terrible could happen and I just don't know how I would cope if something bad happened. I try to stop that thought and then shift to envisioning better things. I don't want to skip over my feelings of fear and bury them to only get worse. But I am afraid of bringing on something terrible by focusing on them.
Too much going on right now and I have to finish my paper, soon! Bleh, selfish me. But maybe pooring myself into my work is a way of coping, even if avoidance or denial is not the best way. I just pray my mom will be okay and recover as quickly as possible.


  1. Jamie, I didn't realize your Mom is having surgery. I'm thinking about you and sending prayers for her. Let me know how it goes. xoxo,

  2. Hey Em,

    This was an old post that I decided to later publish, as it is now something that people know about. I wanted to include this one and an earlier one as a way to show an authentic journey in telling my story, when looking back on it as a whole.