Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Chinese Takeout

While doing some Christmas shopping and running some errands, I was drawn to the toy aisle in the drug store* (not just any drug store, but the end all be all of drug stores).

I don't know why, but this year I've been really excited about looking for toys.  Because of infertility, it has been a long time since I have enjoyed shopping for children's gifts.  Well, at least in terms of toys or clothes.  I've hidden behind the safety of books for many years, which my godchildren and little cousins have enjoyed.  I love books and I'm really good at picking them out.  And I'm told the kids look forward to it because they can't wait to see what I find for them.  It has become my niche and not everyone gives books, so it is kind of special.  And that was kind of my thing before the whole infertility cloud of darkness.  However, it has been a safe haven because I can either go to one store or go online to get all of my holiday shopping done.  Low risk for triggers.  Sadly, not exactly a place swarming with children.  We'll hope they are at the library picking out free books to borrow!

But this year was different.  Something shifted and I wanted to venture down the toy aisle.  Granted this was not the toy aisle of a big toy store, but it was toys.  I just let myself peruse and get lost in the fun of just looking.  I had no real goals.  Just looking.

Then, I was drawn to this toy.

At first glance, I laughed.  Play food has become so much fun, and it comes with a fortune cookie.  Then I had some sad feelings, the ones of longing.  But it was cute, and cooler than the cheeseburger.

I sent the picture to T~ on my phone followed by a texting conversation.

Me:  If I was a mom, would this be the kind of toy my child would have?

Me:  "Mommy is a terrible cook, so we got takeout!"  :O

T~:  We totally would have that!  "Mommy and Daddy expose me to all kinds of culturally diverse, delicious foods!"

Me: (Insert happy blow kiss face emoji.)

Maybe one day.

*Discount Drug Mart--The jingle sums it up nicely.  Discount Drug Mart saves you the run around.  You'll find everything you need!  I bet you can Google it or find it on YouTube.  Growing up in my hometown, this was (is) the go-to store to meet your errand needs.


  1. What a fun toy! I love this -- the feeling of being able to handle the toy store, the finding of a perfect toy for your possible future child, and the exchange between you and T. I am the Book Lady too, and even though picking out great books for other people's children does at times make me sad, it is so gratifying to put the right book into little tiny hands. It makes me kind of sad that the bookstore wasn't full of small people, looking at words and pictures like candy. Hopefully it swings in the other direction soon, and I love your optimism that maybe they were all in the library. :) Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    1. Thank you! It is so fun and kind of thrilling when you find the perfect book. T~ loved one of my finds this year called, "I Want My Hat Back," by Joh Klassen. He also wrote, "This Is Not My Hat." They are both darkly funny. I hope you had a lovely holiday, as well!

  2. Oh how I miss the Discount Drug Mart! That jingle brought me right back. The toy is pretty cool. Food toys have come a long way. I think Melissa and Doug have the best that I have seen, especially the sushi kit. I am glad you were able to venture a little outside of your comfort zone. We only wish the best for you and know that your dreams of motherhood will be coming true. We believe for you, because I know sometimes it's too painful for you to believe for yourself.

    1. Yes, the sushi kit is just too much! Loved the picture you posted a while back on FB. Thanks for also understanding the significance of shopping in that part of the store.

      And thank you both for your best wishes. I teared up when I read the last sentence.

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