Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Enter...New Guy

I am on cloud nine.

Whenever I talk about my new guy, I can't help but smile. As a matter of fact, while I was telling one of my friends about him, she giggled and asked me, "Are you smiling?!" I paused and then I realized...yes, I am from ear to ear! It is great that I don't even realize it when I am doing it!

So, he has this great energy where everything he does in life seems like an adventure. It's great when his eyes light up and he starts with, "How awesome would (fill-in the blank) be right now? Yea, let's do that!" It is fantastic how when we spend time together that things just seem to flow from one thing to the next.

He is an amazing cook and has an urban garden. He planted cherry tomatoes in it just for me. He plays guitar and sings. He laughs often and when he smiles, he smiles with his whole face. And once he starts laughing, I can't help but laugh with him. He loves to be active with sports and doing outdoor activities. He is driven and creative and loves to work on house projects. He has traveled all over the place and loves to read.

And the development of our relationship happened very organically. It's happened pretty quickly, but it feels so right. We just seemed to notice each other at just the right time and things fell into place. It went from little conversations during our kickball games to a couple of Memorial Day cookouts to spending a weekend together that you could not have planned if you tried. There was a picnic in the park and karaoke down the street, breakfasts in diners and dinners at home--both with a group and just us, and watching movies and not watching movies. We roamed around yard sales, shopped at the Home Depot to pick out paint colors, and fixed up his entryway. And there was talking...the kind of talking where you really get to know someone. Neither one of us could get enough of the other during that weekend. We had a fabulous time doing the dating things and the mundane.

It has been fast forward in our dating experience together and I try to keep in mind to just go with the flow. I was doing that well at first. Then came a period where I started to worry if it was too much too soon or wondering if he is as into me as I am into him. But then I remind myself to relax, have no expectations, and observe. And there are some pretty big signs that he really likes me. I've met many of his friends and family. And he added me on as a user on his movie rental membership!

I really, really, REALLY like this guy! And I am incredibly happy!


  1. Amazing! He sounds like a dream, Jamie!

  2. Oh Jamie, you sound so excited and happy. It makes my heart happy for you! I'm so glad you found someone so amazing and that you're having so much fun together. You have such a great attitude about everything. I can't wait to see where this leads! :)

  3. Jamie, I know we already chatted about this, but I am so fricken thrilled for you. And come to think of it - you sounded smiley when we were on the phone!!!

    Can't wait to hear more about him- And your new adventures!

  4. I am so glad that things are falling into place for you. You deserve to be happy and it seems as if happiness is flooding in the windows like sunshine. Hope you are having a blast!!!

  5. Yeah! Been there, done that, happy still 4 years later. Wishing you the best!

  6. Thank you so much, girlies! You have been so supportive of me through the toughest parts of my life that I am so happy to be able to share in the good in the next chapter in my life. Thank you for your love and friendship! I truly cherish it!!!

    Amy, thank you for commenting on my post. I found your blog a while back and I found your strength and resolve empowering. You have inspired me and I am honored that you visited my blog!