Thursday, April 14, 2011


Things are shifting, things are changing, but they have not yet fallen into place. How this chapter in my life will end, I do not know because there is so much yet to be determined.

For the most part, I have been okay--not too up and not too down. There have been days with more blips of emotion, and I have learned to let them pass. My thoughts have been shifting towards thinking about where my life is going and I have reconciled with myself that I don't need to have the answers right now. I think the present and the summer will have much to tell me, so I will just go along for the ride of life unfolding. I hope to have more clarity when I return to Pittsburgh and it will be then that I can better investigate my possibilities.

I know this post is vague, but that is kind of how I am feeling. Plans for the future are uncertain, but I am okay with that--for now.


  1. I know that not having a plan for where your life is heading is scary, especially for those of us who like to have a plan.

    Don't forget that sometimes as you roll the kaleidoscope around and wait for those peices to fall into place, you see some of the most beautiful things.

    Just keep your eyes open and be ready for whatever falls before you.

    Thinking of you as you wait to see where this summer leads you.

  2. Carli is so right. What a great kaledioscope analogy. I am hoping for a wonderful summer ahead of you.

  3. Thanks, girlies! I guess that is why I chose the kaledioscope. While I want to be patient, I need to remember to enjoy life along the way, too. And it reminds me that sometimes something unexpected and wonderful can fall into place and to be ready and open for it when it comes.